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Buffalo ChickenMarinated & grilled tossed with buffalo sauce & a Carrot & Celery Salad on Brioche
Aero BurgerGrilled Angus Beef with Cheddar, Candied Onions & roasted long hots
3 AM & I'm Hungry!!!Grilled Angus Beef with ham, American Cheese, fried egg & bacon
Swine is FineGriddled Angus Beef Burger topped with Porchetta Style Pulled Pork & Provolone
Italian BeefThin sliced, Duffified Spice, roasted garlic, giardiniera & Provolone Cheese on a Brioche roll…Au Jus side for double dipping
Blackened Mahi MahiGrilled lemons, avocado, grilled onions & Roasted Tomato Aioli on Brioche

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